Lulu is a senior in high school at "the crunchiest, flakiest, most hoity-toity private school" in Atlanta (NYTimes, 4/18/17). She enjoys taking photographs of her family, friends, and surroundings. Along with capturing her life through the lens she also enjoys illustration and collage work. Her interests do not stop there - many have called her a hobbyist. You may know her as the creator of the Pinterest board “camping” which skyrocketed her Pinterest following in 7th grade. When creating art or pursuing a hobby, Lulu enjoys listening to music and even considers herself a music connoisseur; she enjoys bluegrass, folk, and anything her parents liked in their youth (click the Spotify button at the bottom to have a listen). Since a young age, she has always leaped at any opportunity to give sartorial advice. She hopes to continue this passion on the side. If you feel inclined you can hop over to her Instagram to learn more about her hobbies.